Q: Is there a cancellation policy?
A: While we do appreciate as much notice as you can kindly give us, we do not penalize our clients for canceling as long as it is canceled before the scheduled visit. 
Q: Do you walk more than one dog at a time?
A: No. We believe in providing your pet with the best care possible. This means 100% undivided & individualized attention to the pooches in your household. 
Q: Will you walk my dog off their leash?
A: No. It is illegal to walk a dog off leash in the city of Chicago. 
Q: Will I receive daily info on my pet’s visit?
A: Definitely. Every day we will leave you a pet report card with details on their visit. 
Q: Do I need to book a weekly minimum amount of visits?
A: Nope! We do not require a visit minimum. 
Q: Do you provide care for animals other than dogs & cats?
A: Yes! Contact us directly for more information. 
Q: Do you do holiday visits?
A: Yes! We’re available 365 days a year! Holiday pricing is $10 extra per service. 
Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
A: We accept cash and all credit cards. Payment is required at time of visit.

Contact us to get peace of mind the next time you have to leave your pet alone.